Work shares

Individuals  have the opportunity to be an integral part of the farm as a working member.  A “work share” is the exchange of labor for a CSA share.  There are an endless amount of on farm tasks and opportunities that you are able to offer your time and/or  services as a working member. As one of our working members put it- “A work share is therapy for me, farm therapy!”  They also represent an important contribution to the operation of the farm and we depend on work shares to meet our responsibilities to all CSA members and market/wholesale customers.  We want everyone to have a good time and learn lots of new things, but there’s no way around the fact that growing vegetables is a ton of work! A work share is different than volunteering at the farm.


  • Being able to commit and keeping a  schedule is important!
  • No experience necessary.
  • Attitude, dependability, and willingness to learn are everything!
  • Some  jobs are more physical than others. The work can be heavy, exhausting
    and repetitive; hot, cold or wet. Good physical condition is a must! Ability to repeatedly lift 30 pounds is a must.   The jobs are physical. The work can be heavy, and you will learn about muscles you never knew you had. You may find yourself in unfamiliar or uncomfortable positions for a sustained period of time (squatting, kneeling, stooping, bending).Work is done primary with as a team especially in the more labor intensive tasks. 
  • Depending of positions- We work in ALL weather– rain or shine.


We offer flexibility in our scheduling for people you can be consistent, dependable and communicate well. We offer flexibility with partial workshares and more regular  work shares.

*Safe Space Commitment- We want the farm to be a safe and inclusive space for everyone involved. We expect anyone who participates in the farm, whether as work share members, volunteers or visitors to come with an open mind and to treat everyone with respect. We strive to create an environment free of any form of oppression, prejudice and violence.

  • Partial Work shares (9) 3 1/2 hour shifts with the period of time that fits with the position. Partial work shares receive in return a free half share or discount off half of a full share or receive 
  • Full Workshares(18), 3 1/2 hour shifts scheduled within the season. Full Work shares in return get an entire full CSA share for every 18 weeks.

*We consider these positions equivalent to staff positions and individuals must be committed in a similar way. There will be many short-term volunteer opportunities available throughout the season for people who would like to work at the farm but are not able to commit to a designated for the position filled. Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about short term volunteer positions or have questions regarding the commitments.

To Apply

Work share members are selected after an interiew on the farm that  ensures that both you and the farm are a good fit. If you’re interested in becoming a work share member please fill out our online volunteer form and send us a statement outlining:

    • your interest in the workshare and what you’re hoping to get out of it.
    • Please indicate if you have access to a vehicle or transportation to the farm
    • Let us know when you would like to come in for orientation. During this orientation, we will show you the farm and the how-to’s of the task at hand!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be doing?
You will be involved in all aspects of  the described position you would like to spend time in. Please see position descriptions and email the farmers with questions.

I’ve never done farm work before. How will I know what to do?
Each job will be explained and demonstrated (when applicable) by the farmer Amelia. You must listen carefully, follow directions, work hard, and ask questions. Working hard means keeping your hands moving, not stopping and chatting with the person working next you. (This doesn’t mean you can’t talk, you just have to keep working.)

Can I share the responsibility with my spouse, partner, housemate, etc.?
 It is best if one person in a household makes the commitment to work the shift. It is unacceptable to simply send another person in your place.

Is there a difference between the morning and afternoon shifts?
Yes, morning shifts are spent primarily in the fields harvesting (but sometimes there is work in the packing shed). Afternoon shifts are spent primarily in the packing shed working with the vegetables that were harvested in the morning (but often there are outside jobs as well). With that said, our work is sometimes dependent on weather, and therefore, being flexible is the key!

What if I need to miss a shift because of vacation, illness or other conflict?
Of course, we will work with you. But we need to understand that you can communicate to us. You can make up your shift. With the exception of illness or exceptional circumstances, prior notice is required. Your options will include working a double shift or two shifts in one week. Please consult with Amelia for more details and to get approval.

2018 work share Positions Available

Partial and Full working member commitments available from April Through October for the following positions.

Harvesting Positions

Vegetable CSA Harvest

  • Wednesday Mornings
  • 8am till 11:30am
  • Position entails lifting 40 lbs, ability to spending time bending, squatting. Work Rain or shine.

Vegetable Market Harvest

  • Friday Mornings-
  • 8 am till 11:30
  • Position entails lifting 40 lbs, ability to spending time bending, squatting. Work Rain or shine.

Cut-flower Harvest Position

  • Tuesday 8am -11:30pm , Thursdays 6:00pm to 8:00pm or Fridays 8am till 11am
  • June into September
  • Primarily field work that revolves around the harvest and maintenance of cut flowers.

Post Harvest Handling

  • Wednesday afternoons
  • 1 pm till 4:30pm
  • Work entails preparing, washing, and packing veggies for CSA and farmers market. Attention to detail and organization is important.Options:June through October

Field  and High Tunnel Maintenance

  • Tuesday morning or early evening.
  • May through September
  • Entails working with irrigation and hand cultivation tools. Taking part in the farm week control schedule

Greenhouse Production

  • 4 hour per time/days vary and flexible
  • April through May
  • Entails working in the greenhouse with plant starts. Position will be seeding into plant trays, up-potting plants to larger trays, hardening off and prepping for field transplant.